Month: May 2014

Sample Query Letter

Getting your photographs or ideas into the market place can be daunting at times. However if you follow these basic rules you could approach magazines or editors to help get your work published.

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If you want to get a book, calendar or similar project published, you’ll need to write a query letter. Rather than tell you how to write one, I thought I’d include a sample letter I wrote. You could use this format to pitch everything from magazine articles to long-term book projects. Use it as inspiration to write your own letter.

Your Name





Dear PUBLISHER: (You should find out the name of the person who reviews query letters and address this letter to that person by name.)

There are more than 10,000 members of the US Lighthouse Society and approximately 50,000 members of various state and local lighthouse societies. More than 10,000 American businesses have the word “lighthouse” in their name. There are approximately 250 national, state and regional lighthouse societies and another 500 lighthouse clubs. There are thousands of web sites devoted to lighthouses and…

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